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If you are thinking about protecting your assets and interests, in Spain you can find the stability and the opportunities you are looking for.

Money is necessary to have a good quality of life; however, it is not everything. It is also important to live in a safe place, where there is tranquility, where the government does not intervene in private property; where in case you have children, they can develop academically and professionally and where the crime rate is among the lowest in the world.

How LABE can help you

Thinking about all the possibilities that a country with these characteristics may offer you and your family can make you re think your future. How can you achieve this? By moving to Spain. Spain is a safe and tolerant country, where universities are very well considered worldwide and where different cultures coexist in harmony.
Here there is a Law for Entrepreneurs that is especially aimed at facilitating entry to the country to investors or entrepreneurs who meet certain conditions, as well as highly qualified professionals or research staff who wish to enter and bet on this labor market.

On the one hand, for those who wish to continue as entrepreneurs, they can do so in Spain by presenting a business project that is considered of general interest to the country.

In addition, investors who wish to change their residence to Spain can do so by: investing for a value equal to or greater than 2 million euros in Spanish public debt securities, or for a value equal to or greater than 1 million euros in shares, or in social participations of Spanish companies or bank deposits in financial institutions of the country.

Furthermore, the investment considered as significant enough, with which the residence permit can also be obtained, can be made through the purchase of real estate valued for 500,000 euros or more.

So, if you want to reside in Spain as a first step to become a Spanish citizen and being able to enjoy all the European citizen rights, at LABE Abogados we can help you in the process. Spain is the door to Europe: do not think it over, take the step and contact us.

In LABE Abogados we offer you:

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  • We have a team of attorneys and tax, legal and accounting advisors.

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  • We guide you during the process of selecting your business, whether you are a franchisee or a franchisor.

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  • We offer a customized action plan according to your needs.

Procedure management

  • Forget about paperwork, our advisors will take care of everything.

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